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Fight Club: Living the Dream

20 Feb

Lately, I’ve been preoccupied with the day job and haven’t quite had time to write about odd jobs, but I thought I’d post a very significant milestone I recently achieved: getting punched in the face. For years, I’ve asked male friends to help me fulfill this lifelong dream but was constantly rebuked with “Sorry, I can’t hit a girl.” Finally, with the help of a group of progressive-minded young adults, I was able to achieve this dream, and was not only punched in the face, but also got to punch someone else in the face. A momentous occasion indeed.

It feels like a bolt of lightning. Thank you Dave Kim.

I did use my left hand. And clearly he’s also a glutton for punishment.

MISSED CONNECTIONS: An Update from Mr. Funman

1 Feb

A few weeks ago I posted a job offer I received and had to kindly turn down. Recently, Kevin sent this message. It actually clarifies things a lot.

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